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Pallet Trucks

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Hand pallet trucks or pump trucks, as some people know them, are the most basic form of materials handling equipment. Designed primarily for moving lightweight palletised loads in warhouse applications they are where most people get their first experience of using mechanical handling equipment.

Having no powered travel or lift they are very basic machines which use a manual hydraulic pump and a long tiller arm to raise a pallet load off the ground and then rely on the muscle power of the user to physically pull or the push the load around. Pallet trucks are now predominantly manufactured in the far east, and the prices of machines have now been driven so low they are almost seen as a consumable item by many companies who simply choose to replace them when they have a fault rather than having them repaired as was the norm 10 years or so ago. Available in many different types for all manner of uses from stainless steel pump trucks for the food industry to special machines designed to carry paper rolls for the printing industry they are very versatile pieces of equipment.

At The Forklift Company, we have brand new hand pallet trucks for sale and can supply direct to end users on a next day delivery service – please contact one of our sales team for more information on specification and pricing.

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Hand Pallet Truck 2500kg (2.5T) Capacity 540 x 1150 mm
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Low Profile Hand Pallet Truck 2000kg (2T) Capacity 540 X 1150 51mm
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